Monday, January 23, 2017

Coming Soon - The New Maxtricity - Get MORE from your electrons

Maxtricity - The Science of Entangled Electrons

Quantum Physics to ANNOUNCE the Basis of MAXTRICITY

What if our Electrons were smarter than we thought?  Would you call them Maxtrons?

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The Science of Entangled Electrons
What is Entanglement?  How do electrons know about each other?  How do they reverse their spin?  This book will CHANGE EVERYTHING that you believe.



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FIRST there were protons.  Then, neutrons, then electrons and quarks.  Welcome in the age of the MAXTRONS~

When electrons were first discovered by J.J. Thompson in 1897, electrons were as shocked to be discovered by humans as we were to find them!  It was a meeting of the minds such as the universe had never known up to that point.  Soon, we will UNLEASH THE POWER OF THE Maxtrons - Electrons that have become entangled - and the meeting of the minds will come to a huge fork in the road.  Which path will we take?

Since the discovery of Time Crystals, we may soon have the way forward to find out more about how electrons find each other, become entangled and learn from us.

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Where is all of this ENERGY COMING FROM?  From the new form of Electricity I've just uncovered - I call it 'Maxtricity'  -  Changing the world one Brain Cell at a time 

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Get completely ConCERNed

An Open Letter to the Concerned Scientists of the WORLD ~

I am the inventor of the idea that Electrons can learn.  We already know that they have Consciousness - so I came up with an Experiment found in the book that would prove to the world that electrons are our strongest allies.  More importantly, how we can use them in this new-found relationship to change the world for the better including reversing CLIMATE CHANGE faster than any other route you may be considering.  There is hope.

As you may all know - the random electrons that we currently utilize today in all of our machines and power generation formats from solar to nuclear to coal use plain old random electrons - unconnected to each other and this is why we are having so many problems in our own society at the present time.  (I know - sounds wacky!)   

BUT - Because we now have a basic understanding of 'Entangled Electrons' - it's possible that future tech will utilize these MOSTLY in the future.  This means that we may be able to TRAIN them to do more for us at the cost of far less energy at the production side of things to get an almost unlimited output of energy from the Entangled Electrons which I am now calling 'MAXTRICITY'.  I detail this idea in greater detail in an upcoming book - 'Maxtricity' which will be published in a few weeks and will introduce the world to the 'Reverse of the Inverse Square Law'.  

BUT in order to make all of this known to a larger universe of thinkers like yourselves :-> I'm in desperate need of a few optimistic REVIEWS (at least) on AMAZON because this information is so new and so radical most of us don't quite get it yet.

IF you do appreciate this - and you want to ENHANCE the productivity of your efforts in this group - it would behoove you to know about the power of Entangled Electrons ASAP  

There is a new Force in the Universe and it may become known as the 5th Force.  I believe it's the first one that will be available to anyone who wants to use it.  If this group is part of the launch - your efforts will be multiplied by the SQUARE of the WORK OUTPUT produced by your group without it.

Ponder that one for a few moments and you will begin to appreciate "THE POWER OF THE FORCE".

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Mike Mathiesen