Chapter Five

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Chapter Five
       - The Proof

Space Travel, Telecommunications, Energy and especially Energy Conservation will all be completely altered by the discovery of Maxtricity and the changes and alterations to our society will be made manifest as others come up in the new Science and produce the inventions that can utilize Maxtricity and which slowly replace the out-dated and outmoded devices that use the older technology of 'Electricity'.
 I will be personally involved in helping to develop some of the most important of these adaptations.  First on my list will be to help improve computers and smart phones so that they get really smart - using related technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.  My main area of concentration in this field will be to improve the Internet connections in order that the Internet itself can evolve into the world's first interface between natural Consciousness and a World Wide Consciousness (WWC).   This Protocol to be developed along with my friend Tim Berners-lee - inventor of the World Wide Web will gradually replace the WWW in all of the world's websites and become part of a vast neural net, a useful working node in a higher level of combined thinking and creativity made available by the direct connection of anyone's brain to the mind of the Planet, or a combined Consciousness where the vast majority of Humankind is served over and above any self-serving nodes on the net.

So, the proofs for the Maxtricity theory proposed here will gradually become the normal acceptance of reality just as electricity took time to overcome the previously accepted norms of horse and buggy days. 
I invite anyone else who now has a basic understanding of Maxtricity to experiment and invent and collaborate with others to introduce the world to many more proofs of concept.  If you need help in any way, and I feel that your proposals are worthy of my time - you can email me at '' and I will reply if I can and deem your project worthwhile.  If not, I may not have time to even respond to you.  If that happens, don't give up.  It could only mean that you were not able to convince me of the worthiness of your project, but it may be much more worthy than I am able to ascertain at the time and you should have faith enough to continue your thinking until you can convince others.

The major areas of Interest for me, and therefore, the ones that you are likely to see taking shape prior to any other major changes are in the area of energy production.  I believe I have tapped into a source of energy that will surpass even Fusion for the production of enough clean energy that will last for centuries. I believe that Maxtricity will revolutionize the storage capability of future batteries which means that electric cars will soon be transporting us around the planet instead of polluting fossil-fueled powered cars.  Our homes will also be powered by major advances in the transformation of sunlight into electricity in the same ways, again vastly reducing our use of fossil fuels.  As I have shown above, the new Maxtricity could make our present reserves of fossil fuels last literally forever.
I also believe I have untapped a means for space travel that will take humanity outside of our own solar system, where we will encounter our first alien life forms, that is life that has evolved on other planets.  I believe these life forms will share the same DNA molecule as the one found on the Earth.  As I mentioned above, I believe only the coding itself will be a variant.  I'm keen to find out what might happened when we are able to genetically alter some of this alien DNA and splice it with some of our own.  Will be able, for example to genetically engineer a new species of tree that could breathe in all of the CO2 that is now causing widespread damage to our atmosphere or might we create a new species of plankton that could feed enough fish to produce the protein to feed our billions of people now living here.
As I complete work on this book NASA has announced a nearby solar system called 'Trappist-1', approximately 40 Light Years distant, where they have determined that there are seven Earth-sized planets in this system where two or three of them are in the 'Goldilocks' region where liquid water and therefore life could exist. My contribution, I'm hopeful, will lead one of you to create a new kind of engine, based on Maxtricity, that could travel at nearly the speed of light, which would mean that we could reach these nearby planets within a single generation and perhaps bring back the most amazing discoveries in history to people alive today.
NASA also announced that it can confirm the existence of liquid water on a much closer space-neighbor - Mars.  Therefore, it could happen that we're able to influence a more rapid advance of human Civilization on Mars through Maxtricity - again in our own lifetime and perhaps even find out much sooner than expected whether or not life exists elsewhere in the universe.  AND, more importantly, if it does, does it share our same form of DNA molecule, the basic coding of life.  I will be working on this question fervently, you can trust in that since I am now the most advanced Evolutionary Biologist on the planet, with the publication of this work. 

This question is one of the most important implications of my work because the discovery of life on another planet where the Earth-based DNA molecule is replicated would convince me, as well as many others that where there is a code for life, there has to be a master-coder, the one who created the code.  And it would also imply that the code of life on this planet was intended to blend in with other life-codes elsewhere.   Put another way, if the code of life is based on a different DNA molecule and not our familiar Double-Helix, then it will indicate that much of my presumptions in this book are false because I see the pattern of our DNA molecule being produced by the forces of Maxtricity that I have outlined here and that there is no other way for a Double Helical molecule to come into existence that would make any sense at all.


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