Chapter Four

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Chapter Four 

- Maxtricity Of The Mind  

In an earlier work of mine, The 4 States of Consciousness, I outline how the Electronic State of Consciousness, induces the Rotational State of Consciousness which in turn induces the Vibrational State of Consciousness, which in turn induces the fourth and final State of Consciousness - all life on this planet and including all life that will be found on any other planets in our universe. 
What I didn't realize until the finding of this book is just how correct I was in my earlier work to label all of life in the universe - the class of existence that includes ourselves - as the Feedback Loop.
It is even clearer to me now that the creator of this 5th Force did so in order to induce the Four States of Consciousness produced exactly in this fashion so that it could determine a signal in space/time that would echo back to the Creative Force and thus alerting him/her/it to the fact that a life force - a Feedback Loop - has occurred here on planet Earth and this is important because it means that from this day forward, we shall be treated with far more respect and attention from this Creative Force. 
The 5th Force, creator of the 4 States of Consciousness has arranged the universe to act in this manner from the time of the Big Bang until now so that a consciousness such as ours can learn enough to be appreciative of these great miracles and give our impressions of our world fed back to the Creative Force.  And this is an important difference to the philosophy held by some scientists that this is all an accident.  It cannot be an accident and we now know that it cannot be an accident because events from this day forward will prove it to more and more of us just how blessed we are - there is no better word to describe this relationship that we have to our Creator.  We have been blessed by this system of laws and mechanics so that humble little souls like our own will sense the love and creative force that emanates from the source of everything and gives us the power to understand these great windings in the cosmos and use them to preserve ourselves for all eternity in that cosmos. 
I personally am deeply and profoundly grateful.  And, I invite anyone else now reading my words to become as grateful as me.  When you give this particular flavor of feedback to the SOURCE - only goodness and kindness can flow back to you.  Our true and biggest soul-mate is the creator of the soul-mate effect, the entanglements that we all have for one another and that of all of the other parts of our lives have with the SOURCE.  And, this is the magic and wonder of it all that compelled me to write this book.  And now you have it too.

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To make some or all of the above really stick in your mind, I've devised a little thought experiment for all of my readers to perform in their spare time so that they can actually experience the power of Maxtricity.  If you have been paying attention, you now realize that there is another force in the universe that supersedes electricity.  It's a master force, one of the major players in the universe.  In my previous works, that are listed in the final section of this book I have detailed how I see these meta-forces working for all of us and how easily obtainable they can be.
So, here in this chapter, I want to sum it all up for you since I believe that this book may be my last, or at least the last in this series.  I believe this because I don't see how much further my worn out synapses will be able to take me and there really is nothing further to say about these forces, except that I would like to live long enough to see the day when my species will be using these concepts on a daily basis and then even to see how the course of all future events are complementing and building on each other in sufficient strength to take us out of danger for once and for all time.

The way to use this information for the individual is to simply remember the 'Reverse Of The Inverse Square Law' that I have discovered and outlined in the second chapter.  It's not a difficult concept at all when you simply look at the diagram of the effectiveness of any force given the distance and how it quickly dissipates as you move away from the point of origin or the source.  So, when you reverse the direction, the power of the force multiplies itself by the difference in the distance by the same amount that you subtracted when going away from it.  This is a powerful memory tool and probably the most powerful one that you can store in your mind for the purposes of moving your life in the right direction.
In other words, as long as you are moving in the direction of the source of any force that is impacting your life, the power of it is increasing by the square of the difference in radius.  That's huge because it means that the closer and closer you get to the source, the more power you will feel until it reaches infinite power.  You can never get that close until perhaps after you have escaped your physical body, however, in your mind, you can escape it and reach as close to infinite power of the force as it gets for us human beings.  I have worked this concept all of my life without realizing the simple mathematical formula for this effect until recently as I researched this and previous books.

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