Chapter One

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Chapter One 

- The Science of Entangled Electrons

We all learn as school children that the flow of random, unrelated electrons in our civilization along a wire, cable or other conducting pathway is what we know as electricity.  In this book, we will all learn how Maxtricity - a new force never known before - is the flow of Maxtrons (electrons that have become 'entangled') along a wire, cable or conducting pathway and that the force thereby created is infinitely greater than the force of electrical power.  We will then define the power of this new force by amending and augmenting currently held and proven formulae for the flow of electricity namely Ohm's Law, Newton's Inverse Square Law and finally ending with Einstein's famous equation that converts the power of matter into almost limitless energy.

First, we need to understand the latest discoveries about 'Entanglements' or the analogy is what happens when two people find themselves trapped inside an elevator whose size is only big enough for one.  In the case of electrons who find themselves in this situation, they squeeze themselves into this impossible space by simply reducing their size in half and maintaining all of their force and direction in that Half-Spin-Orbit around the nucleus of the atom.
In other words, one electron will spin UP and the other electron will spin DOWN.  In this condition found in Nature, these two electrons are said to be 'Entangled'.  The truly fascinating discovery about Entanglements was first made by who else - Albert Einstein, who called it 'Spooky Action at a distance' and even though this was predicted by his own theory of Relativity, he found it very difficult to believe was true and rejected it offhand, later to accept it under the many proofs that were made later on. 
In brief, what Einstein was referring to is known as 'Entanglements' or when two electrons find themselves trapped inside this tiny elevator and one of them has to spin UP while the other one is forced to spin DOWN.  When separated, the two electrons never forget their relationship towards one another.  One electron's state is always going to be the opposite of their soul-mate and when one state is FLIPPED by an outside source, such as a human investigator, the other one is FLIPPED to the opposite state, thus preserving forever more, the relationship that the two electrons established when first they met.
One of these proofs came in 1964, when physicist John Bell proposed that quantum entanglement could be demonstrated by separating the particles at a great enough distance that any correlating effect on both particles could not possibly be caused by local environmental factors. These were called the Bell Test experiments.
When separated, he noticed that when he changed the spin momentum of the UP electron, the other electron in the PAIR - what I will call the 'Soul Mate' of the other electron somehow senses the SPIN CHANGE and IMMEDIATELY REVERSES ITS OWN SPIN to counteract the other partner.  The first question to be asked, and which is as yet unanswered is 'How do they know?' about each other's spin state?  And, the second question - even more important than the first - is HOW do they perform their SPIN REVERSAL - in total defiance of all known laws of physics?

By the time you complete this book, you will have the answers to what I believe to be the most amazing and potentially rewarding questions in the history of Science.

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