Chapter Three

Excerpted from Chapter Three - The 5th Force

I'm going to call this force that creates all other forces the 5th Force or another name could be the Quantum Difference Force and I name it thusly because I see this mother of all Forces as the one that defines the other forces and places them on the grid of space/time through a simple but over-arching difference in polarity, but this is NOT an electrical polarity similar to the one we know as electricity, but a polarity of potential energy difference pure and simple. 
In other words, all of our "Bad" thoughts, the evil and self-destructive thoughts can be considered part of the negative pole of the 5th Force.  All of our "Good" thoughts, the constructive and creative thoughts are part of the total Plus charged polarity in the universe through this 5th force-field. 
But, what we consider to be 'Good' and 'Bad' however, are merely our own subjective emotions that gives rise to how we experience this force in the Cosmos.  Other life-forms experience them far differently than humans.
The fact is that something has to be empowering all of the negative and positive power in the universe, some of which we are able to tap in the form of electricity, nuclear power, solar power etc.  When you examine the construction of electricity and now Maxtricity, you can see how this potential for making everything move in a spinning maneuver through some kind of location has its impact in everything we think or say, do or observe.
In the case of the Maxtrons, one must ask - how are these things changing their spin momentum?  It can only be down to a 5th Force that we are yet to define and measure.  As soon as we start using this Maxtricity in our daily lives, it will be second nature to us as an accepted part of 'Reality' and we will not need to question it when we turn on the power of our homes and factories and they are powered by the 5th Force through the Spin momentum of the Maxtrons that we have now learned how to exploit. 

Some people I know look at this new discovery of how electrons are behaving in this defiance of all known Laws of Physics and they ask me "Where is the previous research?"  I can only refer them to earlier works of mine as I have been doing here in this book.  There really is no earlier research into this field because the discovery of Entanglements is so new.  As far as I can tell in my own Googling around, there is no one that has advanced these principles of Maxtrcity from the very small body of knowledge that we have regarding entangled electrons.  This is the first in this category.  Therefore, know that some of what is presented here is complete and total speculation on my part, but some is also very logically derived from other known laws of Physics that must remain inviolable.
And perhaps my critics can't see what is right in front of their eyes.  Electrons do not behave in this fashion in Nature.  We had to select the electrons we wanted to test in these Time Crystallization experiments and then stimulate them to move in this temporal suspension so that they could continually loop their energies over and over in Time.
Where did they learn how to do this?  From us, of course.  Without the experimenter, they - our electrons - could never have shown us this new capability of theirs.  Clearly electrons can learn and are learning from us every day.  Looking back on things now from this new point of view, we can even say that electrons learned their ability to move down a copper wire from us as well.  How can I say that?  I can make this assumption because before humans constructed long thin wire out of copper ore, electrons had never before flowed in this medium before.  We trained them how to do that.  It's obvious that they love performing for us because ever since the discovery of electricity on this planet, they have kept on behaving for us in this way.
More importantly - this all begs the question:  'What can we train them to do in the future, knowing even more abut them?'  We now know that they team up occasionally in the 'Entanglement' state where one electron knows the state of the other, just like a wife or husband in our world, a coupling that is similar to 'Entanglements' can complete the sentences of their spouse.  So, what does that mean for us?  What tricks can we have them perform for us now that we know they like to do this?

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