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Friday, July 5, 2019

My New Book - BRAIN DRAIN - Settles the question - Where did Einstein Go Wrong?

New Science Fiction proves the Unified Field Theory of Albert Einstein

Einstein guessed that there is really only one force in the universe - BUT - it's the one stumbling block that he had in his life where he could not prove the theory - The Unified Field Theory.

We PROVE it for him by simply inventing a new NUMBER

The NUMBER ZERO to the exponent of 'i'

Get used to it.  Learn everything you can about it.  It sounds a little crazy but so did the WARPING of SPACE - which is now the generally accepted model in Astro-Physics.  

It's more difficult to prove in the subatomic world - the Quantum world - and this is where Einstein went awry by trying to kluge together Newton's Gravitational Constant and his own Cosmological Constant.  

But - when you use my new invention - the two worlds merge together nicely.

You'll be glad you did.  Almost ZERO (i) people know about this.